The Student Underground Glendale

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FREE Student Competitions

Deadline to enter EXTENDED to October 10, 2018

All Competition Student Registration Form


Competition Awards at 5 pm

Barber battle rules 2018

Meeting at 2:30 pm
Comb Over Classic SKin Fade Competition begins at 3:00 pm
Freestyle Design Competition begins at 3:30 pm

Mannequin comp-Rules and Regulations

All contestants must bring their finished mannequin and clamp or stand to
registration between 10AM and 12 NOON.

Special FX Makeup competition rules

Meeting at 12 pm
Compete from 12:30 pm-3 pm

Glendale Nail Art competition rules

Flat Nail Art Competition

Must Arrive by 11:30 am


Bob LIVE cutting Competition 2018

Meeting at 10 am
Compete from 10:30 am-11:15 am

Instructors Only

Instructors…do not miss this FREE class to learn how to decipher all the recent changes  and current laws regarding our industry.
October 14, 2018
9:15 am-10:15 am
Between our State Legislature and Supreme Court, the world of barbering and beauty has been rocked off its axis in the past several months.
Learn how this will effect your students and the future of our industry.
This is a CANNOT MISS class.  Don’t be left in the dark.

High Impact Teaching Skills and Presentation Techniques

An Instructors Only Class

11:30 am-4:00 pm

This program covers step-by-step activities that take participants through every step of developing and delivering a powerful classroom presentation. Participants will understand steps for increasing personal awareness, how to use the C – R – E – A – T – E model with nine essential elements for delivering a powerful presentation. In addition, the ten basic needs of adult learners will be thoroughly discussed.

**Instructors are admitted to the Barristar trade show and classrooms FREE.  To register for the Milady Instructor training, instructors are required to purchase 2 student tickets.  Those tickets can be given to or sold to a student to attend the event.


Wanna learn from the best?

Join us at The Student Underground-Glendale for the opportunity to learn in an intimate, hands-on setting with
Master Barber

Tony Caito

In this class, Tony will be walking participants through a simplified series of steps to perform a fade of any length they choose as well as scissor cutting techniques to quickly and efficiently trim the top portion as well.  As a bonus, Tony will also assist with styling techniques to end the class with a finished look.
Class time: 8 am-10:30 am
Participants must bring:
        – Something to write with and something to write on
        – **A Live Model or Doll Head and Stand
        – Tools (clipper, trimmer, guards, combs, drapes, clips, styling tools, blow dryer, basically everything you would need in a mobile work station)
        – Phone or Camera to take before and after pictures
        – and open mind, high energy level and most importantly a smile!
**Live Models:  To maximize your class experience, please bring a model preferably with a lot of hair to cut and practice on.  Also, please do not bring a little child as your model.  This class demands your full focus and attention to detail.  Little child models can get impatient and be a distraction for you and others.  This is your time to learn and enjoy your experience as you learn.*
*Ticket to Hands on Class includes admission to the event.

Join us at The Student Underground-Glendale for the opportunity to learn in an intimate, hands-on setting with
Industry Professional

Jose Miguel


Learn how to create a  trendy glamorous final look.
Class time: 8 am-10:30 am
You will learn:
*styling points
*base control
*construction and use of fillers
*pinning techniques
*back combing and back brushing
*texturizing techniques with curling iron, wand, flat iron and crimper.
*Must have products and when and how to use them.

*Ticket to Hands on Class includes admission to the event.

Join us at The Student Underground-Glendale for the opportunity to learn in an intimate, hands-on setting with
Industry Professional

Lash Out Loud


Class time: 8 am-10:30 am
   *Ticket to Hands on Class includes admission to the event.

Time is Money . . .

So Get’ch Yo’ Hair Right!

Maximize the time and profitability in chemical services and generate product sales from your reconstructing and finishing services.

  • Discover the Tec Italy chemical protect system that can save your clients hair before, during, and after harsh chemical services.
  • Learn the Tec Italy blow dry “cocktail” to make your clients’ hair smoother, stronger, shinier, and protected from heat damage.
  • Gain the knowledge to properly prescribe hair care products that fit your clients’ specific hair needs.



Clipper Cutting Essentials

Johnny B.’s Clipper Cutting Essentials uses attachments to make cutting hair easy and uniform. Our class covers every subject from start to finish, including all the uses for clippers, blending evenly, and styling!


Learn how to do out of kit bruises and burns!​​​​​​​

Professional Devon will be teaching you tips and techniques to help you make realistic wounds

just in time for Halloween!

 ‘The Art of the Blow Dry’

While anybody can do a “blow dry”, this program provides new methods and techniques that promise to deliver a faster, easier and longer lasting finish.

What you will learn:
-Simple and effective techniques to create different longer-lasting blow dries.
-How to increase speed and reduce fatigue during a blow dry.
-Body positioning to lessen wear and tear on your body.
-Insights into what provides different & better results when using ERGO brushes and styling tools.


Free hand coloring is more mainstream now than it has ever been! Single strands, shapes, shine lines, less can sometimes be more! Balayage and Beyond will take you on a free hand painting journey to explore, practice and perfect this versatile technique! Implement tools that already live on your styling station, and be introduced to simple ways to get intricate results. Learn and understand the realistic timing and learn to communicate that with your client to help set you up for long term success.

 Advanced Barbering Techniques

Thomas “Leche” Navarro is a known barbering powerhouse from Los Angeles, specializing in texture techniques that can be applied to all men’s hair types. If you’re looking to create custom looks, and build and maintain clientele, this is the class for you.

“Becoming a Pro Make-up Artist”

Want to know What It Takes to be a pro make-up artist? Enjoy an amazing make-up demo by professional artist and MUD graduate Amber Talarico while she describes the realities of working as a freelance make-up artist.

“The 4 Steps needed to learn any Haircut”

THE COMB is the future of haircutting education!!!
Our International team introduces new advanced techniques to learn haircuts in more efficient and easier ways. Our tool, THE COMB, has helped many educators and hairstylists to create haircuts with more precision and accuracy like never before!
Learn more about how THE COMB technical center is helping hairstylists to survive in the hair industry.





6-Time Emmy Nominee Shares Quick Easy Celeb Styling Tips Using Easy Updo™ Extensions

The Voice Department Head Hairstylist Jerilynn Stephens, a Guild Award winner and six-time Emmy nominated artist, shows you how she uses Easy Updo™ Extensions backstage to create quick and easy celeb styling tips.
That’s what she reaches for while styling for the stars to add instant style, volume, length and fabulous finishes to her iconic looks. Jerilynn will also offer her unique insight into the exciting business of TV and film hairstyling. Whether working at the VMA’s, Shark Tank, Lip Sync Battle, or currently, The Voice, Jerilynn has learned to be creative, versatile and fast when it comes hair design.
Easy Updo™ Extensions are her answer to fast fashion!


Michael Bui and the Beauty Voyager Team shares fantasy costume tips and tricks, empowering you to find your inner creative and go beyond your current limitations.
Attendees will be inspired to think outside the normal box of beauty, to build a successful career into the cinema field .
Watch the Beauty Voyager team present 2 amazing looks and break down the methods of approach .
Class high lights will be mask latex making , painting and pros-aide transfers. An eye opening experience allowing all audience members to relate and grow!
Our success is your success!




Tickets available at the door of the event.