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IMG_0209The Perfect Bob 


Have you ever wondered why some one length Bob haircuts look better than others?


Vidal Sassoon said it was quite possibly the toughest haircut you will ever do! But why is that?


The Bob haircut is about technique and proportioning.


We will go through the tools needed, sectioning of the haircut, and the role tension plays in the creation of the haircut.


We will look at why hair texture determines the best length, and the role facial analysis plays in your success.


The combination of all these factors will enable the creation of the perfect Bob. 

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An advanced hair color board that could be used to accomplish all hair coloring techniques.

We believe our new Singletrack board will help many hair painting professionals achieve more accuracy, efficiency, ergonomics, better hair integrity, and overall quality of pattern design.

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"Matsumoto & Forge shears are handmade from some of the finest materials available in the world. 


We combine high quality metals with unique craftsmanship & innovative design.  Our professional shears are light-weight, form fitting & perfectly balanced.  


Founded by hairstylist Jason Ashkenazi, a National & International Educator, guest stylist at the Emmy Awards and salon owner, you can trust that every pair of Mastumoto & Forge shears are handmade in true Japanese tradition providing a lifetime of durability."