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May 5-6, 2019

Business Expo Center

Business Expo Center

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Barber Battle

Registration begins at 2 pm

Competition starts at 2:30 pm


Minimum 2 on top

Must be Razor fade

No Pre-cuts

Team Competition

Registration starts at 11 am

Competition Starts at 11:30 am

Hair and Makeup only

Click here for Rules




Bring Your Own

Mannequin competition

Bridal Theme
~Competitor must be an enrolled student.
~Mannequin must arrive no later than noon on the day of the event.
~Mannequin must come completed.
~Mannequin may have accessories and accouterments but not covering more than 25% of the mannequins hair style.
~Mannequin may not add additional hair or extensions.
~Mannequin may have makeup and dress but will not be judged on it.
AWARDS at 3:30 pm in ROOM F


Bring Your Own

Nail Diorama

Theme: Spring is in the Air
Design must be flat nail art, created with paints, polishes or lacquers.
Top coats are allowed.
Design must be done on 5 nail tips and in a contained display no larger than 12”x 12”.
Competitor will be judged on the following: Degree of difficulty, creativity, quantity of detail, originality, finished design, neatness and overall presentation.
Must Arrive by 11:30 am on May 6, 2019

Inspiring the Creative Soul to Learn

Inspirational teaching methods designed to engage the heart and the head for a more fulfilling teaching and learning experience. The participant will learn to explore inspirational teaching techniques, such as metaphors, analogies and right brain exercises that can be used in the classroom and on the student salon to enhance the learning experience.

**Instructors are admitted to the Barristar trade show and classrooms FREE.
To register for the Milady Instructor training, instructors are required to purchase 2 student tickets.  Those tickets can be given to or sold to a student to attend the event.  Please contact our office to register and reserve your spot.


Balayage and Beyond

Free-Hand coloring is more mainstream now than it’s ever been.  Balayage and Beyond will take you on a free-hand painting journey to practice and perfect this versatile technique, while implementing various tools and product to achieve beautiful end results.  Look forward to learning technique, consultation, product choices, and after-lightening maintenance.

 “Introduction to Advance Haircutting Techniques”

Learn from  THE COMB TECHNICAL CENTER the five steps for  advance haircuts.  See how THE COMB INTERNATIONAL TEAM create real haircuts with advance mechanics and texturizing techniques.  Take information in how our beauty school students are creating precise haircuts all the time  by using our unique patented tool THE COMB and how to became a successful hairstylist.

Learn how to make it in entertainment!

Jerilynn, a Guild award winning and 6x Emmy nominated hairstylist, will share her journey and advice on how to get the career of your dreams.  She will have some info about the union requirements as well.

Jerilynn is Head Hairstylist of The Voice, Shark Tank, Lip Sync Battle & Lip Sync Battle Shorties. In addition, she is a personal hairstylist to Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank along with some season winners of The Voice.



Johnny B. Clipper Cutting Essentials Demo (Beginner)

Johnny B. ‘s Clipper Cutting Essentials Demo teaches the basics of men’s grooming and styling. Using attachments to make hair cutting easy and uniformed, our class covers every subject from start to finish, including all the uses for clippers, blending evenly, and how to style.
You will walk out of this class confidently knowing how to apply the techniques you just learned. The course will also feature a brief product knowledge segment demonstrating how Johnny B. products can be used as cutting tools!
Demo Highlights:
-Men’s Grooming
-Product Knowledge

“Dramatic Hair Cutting Techniques”
Learn how to simplify cutting LONG hair to SHORT hair styles.